Adio querida

Adio querida ©1999

Produktion: Notker Balbulus Produktion
Web shop: Black Point music
Zeit: 63:39
Aufgenommen im Mai 1999 im Studio BEVOX

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  1. Tcanich se u popa (Bulgarien - Pirin)
  2. Ani mori nuse (Kosovo)   No Flash
  3. Hija mía mi querida (Sephardisch)
  4. Adio querida (Sephardisch)
  5. More sokol pie (Bulgarien - Pirin)
  6. Debka ud (Israel)
  7. Oj Nedo, Nedo + Snošti mi Janko (Bulgarien)
  8. Por que llorax (Sephardisch)
  9. Avrix mi galanica (Sephardisch)
  10. Banjski čoček (Makedonien)   No Flash
  11. La rosa enflorence (Sephardisch)
  12. Alija more delija (Makedonien)
  13. Musikanti (Zigeuner)
  14. Jovano, Jovanke (Bulgarien - Pirin)
  15. Sao roma (Zigeuner)
  16. Zaspo Janko (Kroatisch)
  17. Varshaver freylekhs (jidisch)


Gothart - Adio querida

… Adio Querida is a delicacy for the ears tortured by the mixes produced by 'computer folklorists'. …

music: * * * * 1/2
sound: * * * * 1/2
Ondřej Pilný (Stereo / September 2000)
original article (270 kB)

Gothart - Adio querida

… The album Adio Querida, made up mainly of the traditional Kosovo-Albanian, Bulgarian and Macedonian music, apart from Sefardi songs, represents a very nice surprise. In spite of their acoustic form, some of the compositions have an expressive character resembling to that of rock music. The typical Balkan temperament is exploited to the full on the record. …

* * * 1/2
Jiří Moravčík (Rolling Stone / May 2000)
original article (102 kB)

TOP TEN 1999 i migliori dieci di Traditional Arranged

4° posto - Gothart - Addio querida,
original article


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