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Enjoy our brand new video - song Lule malesore from CD Rakioactive.
Directed by: Slobodanka Radun, Production: Richard Němec

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"Rakioactive Tour" spring 2007:

3. 3. Berlín, 8. 3. Plzeň, 14. 3. Olomouc, 15. 3. Ostrava, 17. 3. Noc s Andělem, 19. 4. Pardubice, 4. 5. Jihlava, 5. 5. Havlíčkův Brod, 11. 5. České Budějovice, 15. 5. Písek, 16. 5. RockCafé, Praha, 31. 5. Brno.

More info in concerts section.

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New remixes of our songs: Beshena rovena (by Joe Wakeford) a Dve nevesty (music joke :-) by Jiří Kulich Novotný) are in mp3 section.

5. 1.

Blachinja - CD Rakija'n'roll, directed by: David Čálek

22. 12.

Mary Christmas and happy Rakioactive New Year. Gothart

15. 12.

More photos from CD Rakioactive concert 10. 12. in RockCafé, Prague you can find in our photo archive. Photo: Tomáš Setikovský -

14. 12.

New photos from CD Rakioactive concert 10. 12. in RockCafé, Prague you can find here:

28. 11.


Gothart are launching a new collection of originally rearranged folk songs picked from across the Balkans.

The CD Rakioactive offers fourteen tracks, all radiating with “rakioactivity”. The relatively still waters of world music will be stirred with a burst of samples, spontaneous singing and unfettered rhythms. So Gothart are boldly going into the areas of crossover between electronic and Balkan music, which have not yet been explored in the Czech Republic.

Rakioactive is Gothart’s fourth Balkan-style album after Adio querida (1999), Cabaret (2001) and Rakija'n'roll (2003). The "Rakija'n'roll" period, when the band played with a beefed-up rhythmic section and a guest brass section, was received with an especially positive response.

Today, seven-member Gothart are back with a new repertoire and a new style of outfit. The CD Rakioactive will show you how much joy can be squeezed into a small silvery disc, the radiation of which you will gladly allow to contaminate you.

» Rakioactive

13. 10.

New photos in photogallery: 2004, 2005 and 2006. kblh

4. 10.

I‘ve redesigned the web site to suit our new "Rakioactive" project. I hope you’ll enjoy it :-)). kblh

19. 8.

Gothart´s alive! We’ve finished recording our new CD "Rakioactive" and during September we´re gonna mix it. See you soon...

2. 1.

Vážení příznivci a přátelé! Vítejte v Novém roce 2006 a vězte, že Vám naše rodina Miaktić přeje jen to nejlepší - zdraví, štěstí, lásku a peníze. A dobrou hudbu pro Vaše slechy! Těcháme se na brzkou vídanou, Mitko MIWić.

14. 12.

Vážení přátelé! Včera proběhl náš poslední letošní koncert a všem, kdož na vrchu dobešském byli, děkujeme mnohokráte a těm, co se dostaviti nemohli a přesto na nás mysleli, děkujeme mockráte. Ostatním příznivcům děkujeme velmi :-). Užijte si vánoční shony s nadhledem, doporučujeme naše CD coby milý dárek pod jehličnan a vězte, že po Novém roce se máte opět nač těšit!!! RAKIOACTIVE bude ještě peprnější a silnější, s námi se zkrátka nudit nebudete :->. Za celou bandu Miaktićů vynšuji šťastné a pohůdkové svátky a těchám se brzy na viděnou! Váš Mitko MIWić.

21. 7.

Summertime greetings! After last year's pretty busy concert program we decided to little bit slow down this summer and for so it is hard to catch us on festivals now. But this does not mean that there is no activities - the rumor says that Gothart prepares a new album :). And if you were part of last Rakija'n'Roll Show concert in 2004 then you know, that the cameras were there also. The rumor says, that Gothart prepares DVD :). So stop by on our website again and you'll get to know more...Your Mitko MIWić.

24. 2.

Dear friends! Yesterday, we undiscovered new direction of Gothart life - it'll be RAKIOACTIVE. New concert program is accompanied by instrumental changes, also with absolutely new numbers (old ones are changed so you can't even recognise them), and we bring new look and feelings altogether. This year come for any concerts, we won't be playing that often as last year. In Roxy we added non-chalant VJ and galant Samalik (lights) in the game. And together, it was a helluva party again. If you been there, write us, how did you like it!!! Aside of this, we keep working on DVD, by the fall it should be ready. Take care and see you soon, Mitko MIWić.

1. 2.

Dear friends! We happily invite you on a very specific concert to be held on Feb 2nd in Prague's Roxy club (whoa?!). The insides of this first 2005 (and actually first since November) concert party we'll keep secret, but even though we think, that after those years you know, it'll be fun to watch and listen. So don't think twice and go get the tickets asap, so it's not sold out again :). Looking forward to be seeing you again, Mitko MIWić.

3. 1.

Happy New year 2005!

2. 12.

Dearest friends! Thanx to all who helped (and the number is enormous!!!) and were with us on the "funeral" of our music style Rakija'n'Roll, and who been around since ever. Multiple derniere had taken place on Nov 25th 2004 in front of sold out theatre Ponec, we auctioned our gunnish musical symbol "Klarishnikof" for CZ 2000 (congratulations), we shot it all on 15 cameras and now we'll try to put it on DVD. It may look for a small pause now, but don't get mistaken! February 23rd 2005 we will introduce you a brand new program and devil - Miaktić himself (doesn't) know, what all of us should expect. Happy X-Mas and also New Year with Gothart, keep coming back to website, we will keep you informed!!! Thanx, Mitko MIWić & Gothart.

21. 9.

Dear friends! Rakija'n'Roll Show ended up its unbelievable festival trip and we thank to all who helped and supported this absolutely crazy project. On each concert there was heading a group of 17 people and that is some bunch of people :). Who missed a chance to catch the project has the last option - on Nov 25th in Prague's Theatre Ponec will be held the grandious final show under assistence of television cameras. And that's not all - we prepare for you new musical adventures, so stay tuned to us and keep watching our website and concerts!!! Thanx, Mitko MIWić.

2. 7.

So we made up the DVD budget and the final sum is 161.800,- CZ (€4.500). Once we are artist of minor music genre, we seek the strategic partners, who would join us in our project. It's damn worth it if it works out! You can download the project presentation. Thanx and contact us!

8. 4.

April 12th we gonna play the Beshena rovena song in Help the children TV show, on 30th we'll reach the Dobeska theatre with our horn section and before that, the same day, we'll briefly show up at the United Islands festival. And DVD is comfired!

3. 3.

This saturday will launch the premiere of the RAKIJA'n'ROLL Show project. We add the horns, lights and projection. At Theatre Ponec, March 6th, 8pm. As a special gues will perform DJ Gadjo. With this very special project we will hit chosen festivals during the year - see concerts.

12. 2.

We seek co-partners for our newest project Rakija'n'roll Show, as well as for upcoming DVD. In case of your interest, contact management.

24. 1.

We heartily invite you to visit new web devoted to medieval music of Gothart.

21. 1.

We prepare a special Rakija'n'roll Show!
A world premiere of this project will take a place on March 6th at Theater Ponec, Prague. During the year, this big program will be presented on chosen festivals and venues.

9. 10.

Rakija'n'roll New CD Rakija'n'roll in shops! More info: Reviews you can find in CD reviews section.

4. 9.

Gothart just finished recording of new CD Rakija'n'roll. Visit Rakija'n'roll CD web site:

13. 6.

GOTHART prepare their new album ready to come out in the beginning of October at the Black Point Music. Become our partners in the rank of RAKIJA'n'ROLL!!! - for info see


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