Rakija'n'roll ©2003

Produktion: Black Point music
Web shop: Black Point music
Zeit: 58:36
Web: rakija.gothart.cz
Aufgenommen im Juli und August 2003 im Studio BEVOX and Jámor

  1. Beshena rovena (Zigeuner)   No Flash
  2. Manea (Rumänien)
  3. Opa cupa (Zigeuner)
  4. Pustono ludo i mlado (Bulgarien, Rodopska)   No Flash
  5. Mama na Stojan tichom dumashe (Bulgarien)
  6. Garoon (Armenien)
  7. Shto e chudo stanalo (Makedonien)
  8. Dojdi, dojdi, libe le (Makedonien)
  9. La Ciolpani la crucea-nalta (Rumänien)
  10. Jane Sandanski (Bulgarien, Pirin)
  11. Se omazich mila majko (Makedonien)
  12. Doda doda (Rumänien)
  13. Ushti, ushti, babo (Zigeuner)
  14. Blachinja (Serbien)


Gothart command: to the Balkans!

… The band celebrates its first "round" anniversary by releasing an album which couldn't be named better – Rakija´n´roll. This title tells you everything you need to know about present-day Gothart: it indicates where the inspiration keeps coming from, but it also shows how the band can “dye” this pure stream. Furthermore, you can deduce from it that the ladies and gentlemen of Gothart certainly don't aspire after authenticity. Nowadays, instead of local folk musicians, they resemble an energetic international big band in which a teenage rocker can easily and open-mindedly play with an elderly street musician under an understanding supervision of the jazzy horn section. …

Milan Šefl

Gothart - Rakija´n´Roll

… But the most important is the content of the recording. And about that, I can say without hesitation that it is Gothart´s most mature album, on which the band finally capture the elemental wildness of their best concerts. With no doubt, I rank Rakija´n´roll as one of the most interesting projects that have ever appeared on our world music scene. …

Stehla, original article

From chain mail to rock´n´roll

… The question whether Czechs can interpret Bulgarian, Gypsy, Macedonian or Romanian music is as dumb as asking if people born in the 20th century can interpret the music of the Middle Ages. In the case of the Prague-based band Gothart, the answer to both questions is yes. …

Petr Vizina, Lidové Noviny 17.10.2003 original article (400 kB)
Rating LN: ****

Expeditions to unknown always pay off

… This musically integrated and balanced album smoothly, but not meltingly, walks on from song to song, while none of the tracks sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb. You will keep playing Rakija´n´roll over and over again, until you dance to death. …

Radek Antl original article


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