The drink rakia or rakija is hard liquor made by distillation of fermented fruits, popular throughout the Balkans. Its alcohol content is normally 40%, but home-produced rakia can be stronger, typically 50 to 60%.
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Rakioactive (2006)



25. 5.

Enjoy our brand new video - song Lule malesore from CD Rakioactive.
Directed by: Slobodanka Radun, Production: Richard Němec

2. 3.


"Rakioactive Tour" spring 2007:

3. 3. Berlín, 8. 3. Plzeň, 14. 3. Olomouc, 15. 3. Ostrava, 17. 3. Noc s Andělem, 19. 4. Pardubice, 4. 5. Jihlava, 5. 5. Havlíčkův Brod, 11. 5. České Budějovice, 15. 5. Písek, 16. 5. RockCafé, Praha, 31. 5. Brno.

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6. 2.

New remixes of our songs: Beshena rovena (by Joe Wakeford) a Dve nevesty (music joke :-) by Jiří Kulich Novotný) are in mp3 section.

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